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Sarco Holdings has six separate business lines. The business lines consist of investments on behalf of clients in Customized Structured Products, Solar Power Plants, Specialized Real Estate Opportunities, Currency Trading in the interbank markets, Restricted Stock Arbitrage, Emerging Market Debt and Private Equity in India. The latter three business lines are closed to new clients.

With respect to Structured Products, Sarco Holdings offers customized solutions to its clients, where a specific product is constructed with the type of return / risk characteristics that are important to the client. While some investors seek capital protection, others are looking for leveraged exposure to Alternative Investments. Sarco Holdings can structure more aggressive instruments like Leveraged Finance investments in the form of collateral fund obligations etc. More standard forms of leverage can be obtained through bank financing on tailor-made portfolios. Such notes allow one to leverage invested capital where the risk is restricted to the initial capital.

While the examples below give some idea of the different types of instruments that can be structured, the needs of a client might be different. Accordingly Sarco Holdings works with the client in order to create a customized solution. In summary, Sarco Holdings' focus is to structure fixed income, equities, alternative investments, and private equity in the most efficient form to meet a client's needs both from an economic and risk management perspective.


Fixed Income Notes

Structured notes offering interest rates in the neighborhood of US Treasury plus 1.5% to 3% with the backing of major A or better rated banks.

Leveraged Fixed Income Notes

Non-recourse leveraged versions of the Fixed Income Notes that offer expected returns between 10% and 15% per annum.

Notes Linked to the Performance of Alternative Investments

Capital guaranteed notes linked to alternative investments with expected returns between 10% and 18%, and with the guarantee providers being A rated (or better).

Insurance Policy Asset Backed Notes

Structured notes insured by an A (or better rated) insurance company, and where the notes are backed by a pool of life insurance policies from A or better rated insurance carriers.

Notes Linked to Private Equity or Project Financing

Structured notes where the risk is taken out of private equity and project financing: These are A rated notes which guarantee the principal, potentially some coupon, and participation in the upside of a venture capital deal or allow funding of a project.

Enhanced Index Notes

Notes that give the performance of an index plus an amount insured by an A or better rated party.